22nd September 2021

Boot and Shoe Buttons

During the Victorian and Edwardian era some shoes with leather or fabric tops were fastened with buttons. These were often dome shaped in black or white, but fancier types were made. There were glass and jewelled versions. Papier maché was a common material.

The Coastal News and North Western Advertiser (Ulverstone, Tas), 24th April 1893 page 2.

The Daily Standard (Brisbane), 30th August 1913 page 7.

There were also ‘button boots’, for both sexes, which apparently Queen Victoria was fond of.

To recycle your shoe buttons this tool would be handy.

The World’s News (Sydney), 26th August 1911 page 23.

Two-tone button boots in 1918.

Embroidered button up boots of cashmere for infant.

‘Fanciful’ button up boots in Paris, 1939.