22nd May 2024

Christchurch Golf Club

The backmark is  Armfield’s Birmingham. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help date the button, as the company existed from the 18th-20th centuries.

This club was established in 1873 with the original course located at Hagley Park. In 1900 the club moved to Shirley Links.

Press (NZ), 25th September 1872 page 2.

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The motto ‘Press (me) not, beseech you’ is a little obscure, being part of some lines spoken by  Polixenes to Leontes in Shakespeare’s “The Winter’s Tale”.  It is meant to convey that you don’t need to be pushy to convince me. In the context of the Club, perhaps it means that you won’t need convincing to be a member, as the club is so nice?

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