1st January 2024

Department of Commerce of USA, Special Consular report


In 1916 this report was released for the benefit of American manufacturers, giving them information about potential markets around the world. It included a list of Australian dealers and importers, “dry goods” stores and clothing factories. One of these was J & B Snider, 318 Flinder Lane, Melbourne.

J. & B. Sniders, Flinders Lane

Punch (Melbourne), 1st May 1913 page 30.

Joseph and Burnett Sniders, general merchants, were located in Russell street from 1860, as importers of items including clothing, glass and china. In 1885 they opened a new warehouse in Flinders Lane, and were also being described as earthernware manufacturers, and in 1896 as clothing manufacturers. They leased a warehouse in Brisbane from 1888. Burnett died suddenly in London in 1909. In 1916 his brother Joseph also died in London, aged 80 years, having returned there after retiring.

The Herald (Melbourne), 28th October 1925 page 12. This 7 storey warehouse was planned in 1925 and finished in 1926.

The directors of the firm decided to close it down in 1928. John Martin’s of Adelaide bought quantities of their goods for sale in October that year, although they were still locted in Flinders Lane in 1935 (?winding up business?).

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