19th September 2020

Merchant Navy

White metal: Stokes & Sons. Gilt: Stokes & Sons Melb







Kitchener Sydney

Sydney Harbour Trust

no backmark









This was a New South Wales government authority from November 1901 until 1936. It had many responsibilties including regulated movement of vessels, handling of cargo, preservation and improvement of the port, removal of wrecks, dredging, licencing piers, maintainace of swimming baths, wharfage, fire fighting, and safety. Its scope included all forshores, lighthouses and tugs within the harbour.

After 1936 these duties were taken over by the Maritime Services Board. See http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/uniform-buttons-2/uniform-buttons/


Scouting button variation

A. J. Parkes Brisbane


West Australian Government Tramways

Stokes & Sons Melbourne.

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