18th March 2021

Security Firms


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The company was originally the ‘Australian Watching Company’ from 1957. It was taken over and called Wormald International Security from 1972. Around 1988 the company sold off the security part of the business to concentrate on fire protection services (Wormald International).


Security Group III:

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The Australian Jewish News, 14th April 1989 page 36.

The address of this business was 12 North Wharf Road, Melbourne in 1998.  The logo was registered for trademark in 1993, by Stonepack P/L, even though it was in use from at least 1989 (see above). Stonepack was in administration from the late 1990s and formally deregistered in 2008.



Securicor was a large UK security business that had a subsidiary in Australia from around 1964 to ?1993. It merged with Group 4 Falck in 2004.

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Source: From an old auction.