16th August 2021

Fake/Repaired VR buttons

I’ve come across a couple of  “tampered with ” buttons sporting Queen Victoria crowns with VR cyphers (i.e. pre 1902).

The faces and backs are real, but do not belong together. On one back plate are the two holes that occurs in uniform buttons dating from the 1950s. There is a roughness where the front facing fits over the back plate. The other also shows damage around the fitting of the facing onto the back plate. Compare these with the neat, professional finish of a genuine Stokes and Sons specimen.

Post1950 back plate with rough edge.

Damage from prising up the facing is evident.


Genuine King’s crown VR button.

Note the smooth edge to the join.














I wonder why someone would bother; they are not terribly rare or valuable to go to the bother of cobbling together a couple of buttons. Perhaps they were for fitting onto a vintage uniform, or for a costume. Why not just buy a couple of QV/VR buttons?

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