15th November 2023

1940s General Plastics Finds

Two different cards, but both using the “vine-leaf” border. This style card appeared in a 1949 advert.

The Argus (Melbourne), 11th June 1949 page 39.Large cards including “famous Beutron Boiling buttons” and second down in the pile, General Plastic buttons with the vine leaf border clearly represented.

Inspired by the WW2 era American influence on fashions.

Undated partial Modern Miss cards. One of many style of cards that preceeded the Beauclaire branding.

This card is a partial card of  Rex C. Norris’s  ‘Jack and Jill’ brand buttons. A complete card I own is printed with ‘Rex Patent display card 24410/49’ which indicated a 1949 dating. However, this duck design was produced by General Plastics (and later G. Herring) which seems to indicate that the design was bought by General Plastics before they appeared in 1953-4 on Beauclaire and Tiny Tot cards.

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