15th March 2022

New Embassy cards

Embassy branded buttons were supplied by General plastics from around 1949. When G.P. started to be taken over/merged into Beutron Australia in 1963-4 Beutron took over supplying Embassy’s cards, with the cards (like those above) then bearing free thread, a Beutron marketing tool. The card in the middle has been date stamped (why?) with 30th Oct 1967. Dual pricing was mandated from 14th February 1966 until 1st August 1967.

Opal-Glo Card, circa 1964.

Playing card: London Stores Ltd.

I love the graphics of the heritage Melbourne buildings. I also think its great that the store had such prestige that a gentleman would consider buying a pack of their cards. Below is part of an advertisement from 1916 and 1934 mentioning the cards.



For London stores tailoring buttons, see http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/branded-buttons/branded-buttons-tailors-buttons-g-l/#L

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