12th May 2021

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57th (West Middlesex) Regiment of Foot: “The Old Diehards”

The 57th Regiment served in Australia from 1825 until 1832 when they sailed for India in detachments between January and April 1832.

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser , 6th January 1825 page 1.

The Telegraph (Brisbane), 8th April 1933 page 11.

This coatee is poignant as it belonged to Captain Patrick Logan, Commandant of Moreton Bay, NSW. He was killed by Aboriginals whilst surveying the area. The 57th served in Australia from 1825-1832.

State Library NSW file #FL580514   c.1825.

The Brisbane Courier, 5th June 1923 page 13.

Sydney Mail, 20th November 1935 page 6.

The 57th were involved with a sad and notorious episode in Sydney. On the 22nd November 1826 two wretched soldiers were “drummed out” of the regiment for theft wearing heavy spiked collars around their necks, attached by chains to their ankles.

Conditions were so bad in the Sydney garrrison that desperate soldiers had been stealing deliberately so as to be drummed out, considering life in the road gangs as better than being a soldier. Governor Darling decided to make a terrible example of Joseph Stubbs and Patrick Thompson. Stubbs was already ill, and died five days later.

From News (Adelaide), 29th April 1954 page 28.