11th June 2021

NSW Police Uniform Buttons

These NSW police uniform buttons date from a narrow time frame. The “King’s Crown” dates it from 1902, and the backmark from pre 1907. The ‘Crossed Sword Trade mark’ was used by Thomas Carlyle Ltd., one of several British button manufacturers who amalgamated to form Buttons Limited in 1907. (The company used this trademark, and others, after the merger, but with the new name.)

The finish is unusual, too. it appears to be a coating of a matt white finish to imitate white metal.


Victorian Rifles Regiments, 1880-90

See Cossum page 10.







As mentioned, the Cross sword trade mark was one of several belonging to maker Thomas Carlyle. He was a Birmingham button manufacturer from 1875. His firm was registered in 1897, then merged with others to form Buttons Limited.

NB: Some buttons marked Thomas Carlyle, Aston, Birmingham, England are wrongly dated on the internet as, for example, c.1914, or pre 1930. The presence of the Queen Victoria crown on them should have been a clue!

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