9th December 2023

Beutron in the News 1966-1970.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 13th November 1966 page 35. They were priced in 1967 from 22 cents.

F.W. Williams had bought a 50% stake in Beutron in 1963, at the time the takeover of General Plastics was occurring.  In 1966 a restructure and a takeover of F. W. Williams were in the offing, with shareholders not happy about the profitability of Beutron Australia Ltd.

The Age (Melbourne), 6th September 1966 page 8.

In  January 1967 Pioneer Concrete Services Ltd. acquired this interest when they took over F. W. Williams. In 1969 they disposed of the interest in Beutron Holdings Ltd.  for “a substantial capital profit”.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 31st July 1969 page 20.

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