28th April 2022

Tailors’ Buttons

“Wear only Elephant Moles”

Moles, or Moleskin trousers are made from thick brushed cotton fabric that are warm and hard wearing. Traditionally they were work wear, although currently they are also worn for casual wear. “Elephant” must have been a brand name. It makes me chuckle, though!

The Maitland Mercury and Hunter River General Advertiser (NSW ), 31st March 1888 page 5.

The West Australian (Perth), 10th May 1911 page 6.


Holle, Sydney

A tarnished metal button.

In 1839 three tailors came to Sydney from London; Wiliam Müller, John Frederick Holle and Henry Stone and set up in George Street. When Mr Müller died in 1841, the others continued as ‘Stone & Holle’ until 1855.

Empire (Sydney), 25th January 1855 page 1.

Mr Holle left the colony and traveled to Europe until 1860 when he advertised that he was recommencing business at no. 277 George Street. John Holle was born in Bremmen, Germany in 1813 and died in Sydney in 1892.

From the Caroline Simpson Library. c.1871.  277 George Street is the door at  the left.

The Sun (Sydney), 7th September 1951 page 13.

The firm of J. K. Holle Pty. Ltd. was wound up in 1957.

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