9th April 2021

Uniform Buttons

NSW Scottish Regiment, 30th Infantry Battalion.

Stokes & Sons Melb 1953-60.

The Battalion was raised during WW1 then disbanded. Like for many others, there was a series of re-raising, merging and demerging. At this stage they adopted the designation of the NSW Scottish regiment to reflect the heritage of the unit.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 29th May 1948 page 7.

It served in new Guinea during WW2.

Australian War Memorial image # 072838. Members of the 30th Infantrty displaying native carvings and a captured Japanese flag.

Post war it was disbanded, then re-raised from 1948 until 1960, then absorbed into the Royal NSW Regiment.


1/15th NSW Lancers

Stokes & Sons Melb

The origin of this Australian Army Reserve Light Cavalry unit (which now-a-days means using armoured vehicles) was the Sydney Light Horse Volunteers in 1885. The current name was adopted when the 1st Royal NSW Lancers and 15th Northern River Lancers were amalgamated in 1956.

The Broadcaster (Farfield NSW), 23rd march 1976 page 7. Members of the 1/15th with an armoured personnel carrier.