23rd November 2020

Queensland Colonial Forces

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Queensland Scottish Volunteer Corps

Thanks to Noble Numismatics. Queensland Scottish Volunteers 1886-7, by H.W. Martin London.

In 1885 a Queensland Scottish Rifle Volunteers corps was established in Brisbane. By 1888 their strength was 335 of all ranks. Their full dress uniform was the same as that worn by the Gordon Highlanders (Her Majesty’s 92nd).

The Brisbane Courier, 16th May 1885 page 5.

The Queensland Figaro, January 1889. A member of the Queensland Scottish Rifles.

By 1896 the corps had dwindled, and was briefly revived in 1897.


Queensland Permanent Artillery

Thanks to Noble Numismatics. Queensland Permanent Artillery 1885-1901.

Staff Sergeant Gorman of the Permanent Artillery. Nice props for the photo, especially the conch shell in the pot plant!

In common with other colonies at that time, a Defence Act was passed in 1884, then a permanent artillery established in Queensland in 1885. In 1899-1900 the name was changed to the Queensland Regiment, Royal Australian Artillery.

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