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Queensland Police Uniform Buttons







 In 1990, in line with recommendations from the Fitzgerald inquiry into possible police corruption, the Queensland Police Force was officially renamed the Queensland Police Service and the old motto of “Firmness with Courtesy” was changed to “With Honour We Serve” and a new badge. The new button design matched this badge.


History of the Queensland Police Uniform

At the start of the Queensland Police force in 1864 the police were supplied with their uniform, with a second version released in 1866. These were not always of good fit or quality. Delays in supplies during 1866 meant some had to wear their civilian clothes. Mounted police could wear white or drab cord breeches.

The Brisbane Courier, 16th February 1866 page 2. Is the comparison to Victorian uniform a dig at already being out of date?

In the 1880s their helmets (worn during the day: caps were worn at night) changed from white to black, which increased the chance of suffering heatstroke, so they were changed back in 1891. In 1896 a new uniform was introduced, for the first time with summer and winter weight materials, with a khaki uniform introduced for country police.

The Brisbane Courier, 27th May 1896 page 4. The “jumpers” were a short jacket with a stand-up collar.

A new Queensland Police uniform and badge was issued in 1906. However, country police still wore the khaki.

The Queenslander (Brisbane), 14th July 1906 page 29.

Queensland Times, Ipswich Herald and General Advertiser (Qld), 28th July 1906 page 5.

Noosa Library: circa 1920s.

It was not until 1946, after years of complaints by the officers sweltering in heavy weight uniforms in the Queensland summers, that a change was made with a new open necked uniform. The blue serge trousers featured a royal blue stripe down the outside leg. However, it was not until 1950 that it permissible just to wear the long sleeve shirt without the tunic in summer!

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld), 10th January 1946 page 4.

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld), 2nd July 1946.

In 1960 a rather ugly drab olive uniform in a lighter weight fabric, with brown tie, belt and shoes was introduced. Women in the force were  granted a uniform for the first time, having worn civilian clothing before that time. This olive/brown uniform was phased out in 1971.

eHive photo Object number QP184 . 1965-1970 women’s uniform.

Queensland Police Museum object no.PM4437. Peter Kidd in 1977. he was killed in the line of Duty in 1987.

Torres News (Thursday Is, Qld), 3rd August 2001 page 16.













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