5th March 2024

Now for something different.

A school whistle

The stamped arrow indicates government property.

Ian’s grandfather was requested come out of retirement to teach, due to a shortage of teachers. Presumably many had enlisted. This was his whistle.

The Herald (Melbourne), 9th June 1944 page 7.

The Herald (Melbourne), 30th April 1945 page 6.

The Premier Wire Works Pty ltd was registered in 1926 as hardware merchants and engineers. They purchased the Premier Wire Works as an ongoing concern.

The Age (Melbourne), 23rd May 1933 page 10. From a Tariff Board inquiry into duties on kitchen hardware.

In 1938 they were in trouble for employing a 13 year old boy. During WW2 they manufactured munitions. Due to the government policy of decentralisation of industry, Premier Wire Works set up a factory in Maryborough and Dunolly.

Weekly Times (Melbourne), 26th January 1949 page 34.

Weekly Times (Melbourne), 1st August 1951 page 24.













The Argus (Melbourne), 6th July 1954 page 19.

The firm was still supplying government contracts in 1971.

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