2nd January 2023

Victory Suits: Part 4

The effects of war and scarcity, were not only imposed by governmental and practical considerations, but also by the powerful forces of public approbation. Not be restrained and conforming to the dictates of war-time fashion restrictions was to be frivolous, in bad taste and unpatriotic. After all; our men were dying over there, don’t you know? This mentality took several years after the end of the war to lift, with the public’s frustration outweighing the push for ongoing frugality; a bit like now, with the lack of appetite for covid restrictions despite ongoing infections …

Border Morning Mail (Albury, NSW), 21st July 1945 page 4. Full length gowns return, but without the excess material which would come with Dior’s New Look in 1947. I wonder how many people could afford them, anyway?

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton, Qld), 7th December 1946.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 26th March 1947

The West Australian (Perth), 16th September 1947 page 9.

Snippets from a longer article in the Weekly Times (Melbourne), 21st December 1949 page 33.

This article alludes to polystrene buttons, which did not dryclean well. See http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/27th-june-2020/

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