26th June 2024

One that got away.

Bidding was fierce for this 1859-1870 uniform button from the Royal Victorian Volunteer Artillery. The images are used with kind permission.

This is a hollow back version manufactured in Britain. There also exist ‘solid back’ (also known as Sanders type) buttons i.we. with a back plate, made by Stokes & Martin. In 1859 the volunteer artillery received the Royal warrant, and in 1870, with the withdrawal of British regiments, a permanent artillery force was raised.

A notice in The Argus on 12th August 1861 states that the quartermaster was to issue uniforms. perhaps this was the first issue, with volunteers wearing the old uniforms of the Victorian Volunteer Artillery up until that time. The issuing of uniforms was often a drawn out affair. LIkewise the issue of weapons. In 1861 Colonel Anderson of the RVVAR complained that there were only 10 rifles available for a regiment of 500 men!


The Almanac of Australia and official record: 1882 p.87

Australian War Memorial. c1866. The field guns as featured on the buttons can be seen behind the men of the RVVRA.

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