26th January 2021

4th Regiment of Foot (King’s Own)

Examiner (Launceston), 17th April 1948 page 5. The Perth referenced is a small town about 20km south of Launceston.

Despite what the newspaper said, the 4th regiment of Foot was stationed in Australia from 1831 until 1837, and in the colony of Tasmania from 1834 until 1837 when they left for India.

The Hobart Town Courier, 26th November 1831 page 2.

A famous former member of the 4th was a Mr Buckley, convict …

Bent’s News and Tasmanian Three-Penny Register (Hobart), 30th September 1837 page 3. Note how they coyly fail to mention that he ‘came out’ as a convict.