24th June 2021

Beutron ‘Pearl’ buttons

From 1952 until 1954 G. Herring advertised its Beutron Pearl Originals. These buttons were also referred to as ‘pearly’, ‘pastel pearl’ and ‘pearl with diamente’. General Plastics also sold ‘pearl’ finish buttons in the mid 1950s.


The January 1948 edition of the National Button Society’s Bulletin explained how this finish could be achieved with casein and celluloid:

NBS Bulletin Jan 1948 page 38.

The finish was coated onto the button, but was not durable and the effect would be better achieved with newer plastics such as polyester, where the essence could be added into the plastic.

NBS Bulletin, May 1958 page 136.

The back of one of the buttons on the card above. The button is made of pale green plastic. The coating on the top can just be seen around the edge.

“Fish Scale essence” was being used to make artificial pearls since the mid 17th century.

Dalby Herald and Western Queensland Advertiser (Qld), 15th April 1871 page 4.

The Daily News (Perth), 17th March 1928 page 2.

Pacific Islands Monthly, 1st January 1957 page 67.

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