1st September 2023

Machine Gun Corps

Backmark Firmin. This is a button of the British Machine Gun Corps, raise in October 1915.

I have been informed that the Australian Machine Gun Corps did not have a specific uniform button (wearing the AIF button), but that some members of this corps used/swapped/scavanged the British buttons. Their badges showed the crossed machine guns, but with the “Rising Sun” surrounding the Crown.

The corps was raised in early 1916 in Egypt before transfer to Europe and the Middle East. They were eventually disbanded in 1919 following the end of Hostilities.

Australian war Memorial. Officers undergoing mschine gun training in England, 1917.

Weekly Times (Melbourne), 18th May 1918 page 26. “An Australian Machine Gun Corps in position.”

From “Journal and Proceedings”, no.5 1919 supplement.

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