14th March 2024

Uniform Button

Royal Aero Club of New South Wales

Backmark: Angus & Coote Ltd. This is what happens when you don’t pay for a good diesinker to design your button! A very awkward and cramped flying kangaroo!

From a 1936 yearbook.

Thanks again to Cam Smith.

In 1914 some officers at the Point Cook base of the newly formed Australian Flying Corps established the Australian Aero Club. In 1920, after the interruption of the war, a New South Wales section was formed. Under the leadership of Colonel Oswald Watts, they became heavily involved in air safety, including airworthiness, safety standards and pilot training.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 12th November 1919 page 11.

The Daily Telegrapgh (Sydney), 23rd May 1921 page 5. Unfortunately, Watt drowned in the surf, aged only 43 years.

The Labour Daily (Sydney), 1st August 1935 page 4.

The Royal title was bestowed in 1935. Unfortunately, the club was placed into receivership during the 1990s, only being re-established in 2023 as a not-for-profit organisation.

The Australian Woman’s Weekly, 1st April 1981 page 11.


Angus & Coote Ltd

Angus & Coote, jewellers, were established in Sydney in 1895, and became a limited company in 1912. They specialised in jewellery, time-pieces, giftware, and trophies. From 1908-1942 they had divisions specialising in opticial services, and from 1934-1992 also sold hearing aids! They are still in business but no longer for hearing and vision.

Sunday Times (Sydney), 1st December 1895 page 4.

They gave evidence at the 1935 tariff inquiry into badges, buckles and buttons. This is the first uniform button I have seen marked by them, although I am aware they made badges for the Royal Automobile Club of Queensland at one time. From 1937-1945 they advertised that offered repairs of military button and badges, as well as for jewellery. I found only one advert with gold sleeve links featured. Unlike some jewellers, they did not seem to make or sell button gift sets.

The Highlander : monthly magazine of the 30th Battalion, N.S.W. Scottish Regiment, July 1937 page 20.

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