14th August 2020

Australian Army Education Corps

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This corps has provided education and training with this officer only corps since 1949. It was granted the Royal prefix in 1960. It took over from the Australian Army Education Service, and the earlier Australian Army Education Scheme.


The Byron Scottish Regiment

Precursors of this regiment had been formed in 1916, and before that the Maclean Company and Byron Company of Scottish Rifles had formed in 1899. A large number of Scots had settled around Grafton, Byron Bay and Maclean.

Post WW1 the Battalion went through amalgamations and splitting, disbanding and reforming until in 1960 in became the ‘E'(Bryon Scottish) Company, 1st battalion, Royal Queensland Regiment. It is now an infantry Battalion of the Army Reserve, the 41st Royal New South Wales Regiment, which retains the right to wear a kilt because of the linage from the Byron Scottish Regiment.

Northern Star (Lismore), 19th June 1950 page 4. On either side of the Cypher for Princess Louise is a boar head and cat-a-mountain (wild cat). They still did not have their uniform issued in July 1950.