13th August 2020

Victorian Mounted Rifles

The Victoria Mounted Rifles was a regiment of soldiers from rifles clubs raised in Victoria in 1885 that would serve in the Second Boer War in 1901.

The Arena (Melbourne) 26th December 1901 page 1. “Colonel Tom Price. Commander of the Victorian Mounted Rifles. A memento of the Troops returned from South Africa, Dec 1900 from the drawing by J.MCDONALD”

The 8th/13th Victorian Mounted Rifles (1948-1992) was linked to this unit through the 20th Light Horse, which along with the 8th and 13th, are remembered in this regiment. Their button is shown below:

Stokes & Sons Melb

Australian Army Aviation Corps

Stokes Melb

This corps was formed in 1968 to take over from the No.16 Army Light Aircraft Squadron form in 1960. It uses helicopters for troop lifting, fire support and reconnaissance.

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