11th March 2021

City of Melbourne

Stokes & Sons Melb. MCC monogram. Thanks Tony.

Stokes & Sons Melb. This one amuses me. It looks more like a camel than a kangaroo.

Stokes & Sons Melb.

Stokes Australia Melbourne. Most modern button.















Uniforms were worn by councillors and City of Melbourne staff, such as hall-keepers, attendants, parking officers, etc. The buttons are hard to date. They all show details from the city’s Coat of Arms, bestowed in 1843 and modified in 1940.

One man, James Dewar, wore a uniform as the Melbourne City hallkeeper for 30 years.

The Age (Melbourne), 29th December 1937 page 8.

The Age (Melbourne), 8th August 1939 page 8.

The Herald (Melbourne), 8th January 1943 page 3.


City Of Adelaide

Stokes & Sons Melbourne

In 1867 there were possible delays in supplying the Corporation Officers’ coats, if the necessary buttons were not ready. The tenderers were assured that other buttons could be used in the meantime!

Differences between the two city councils is outlined in the following article from the News, 14th December 1934 page 6.

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