11th December 2023

Western Australian Highlanders


This unit was proposed in Perth during  January 1901 but took until 1903 to be established. It was allied to the 79th (Queen’s Own) Cameron Highlanders, and wore the uniform of that regiment. It  was disbanded  around 1915, probably as the men were enlisting. A new Cameron Highlanders of WA was raised in 1936. The organiser asked for donations of old uniforms from the W.A.H. as new uniforms were not going to be available for some time.

Australian War Museum item REL/18362.001. This doublet has 20 of the uniform buttons backmarked Samuel Bros. Ltd London, so was presumably made by them.

Western Mail (Perth), 19th December 1903 page 27.

“The West Australian Highlanders with officers and pipers.”

“Officers of the Highland Regiment”

Western Mail, 30th July 1936 page 6. The photo is labelled incorrectly as being in 1902.

State Library WA, image #153546PD Studio portrait of Private Fisher of the West Australian Highlanders c.1905.

Samuel Bros Ltd, London, were tailors, 65-67 Ludgate Hill, London, from 1881 (or earlier) to at least WW1.

1884 advert previously sold on Ebay.

From Wireless World 1918, page xxii.

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