5th October 2022

Civil Construction Corps: 1942-1945


Australian War Memorial # REL/11262  CCC badge. Backmark: Amor Sydney

The Civil Construction Corps was established in April 1942 to provide labour for war-time construction of necessary infrastructure such as airfields, barracks, roads, and many other works.

Northern Star (Lismore, NSW), 15th April 1942 page 1.

Whilst many who were unfit for war service volunteered, approximately one third of the participants were conscripted (All men from 18-60 years could be so conscripted.). Although paid civilian award rates, they worked under army-style regulation, and could be sent anywhere around the nation to work. Some served in the combat zone of New Guinea, and some died whilst serving in the CCC. Some worked under contract to the USA army.

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 8th September 1942 page 5.

Crockwell Gazette (NSW), 13th January 1943 page 4.

Australian War Memorial #014825. 1943. “New Guinea. Meal time at a Civil Construction Corps Mess. Volunteers from the Corps were rushed from Australia to New Guinea to carry out urgent projects for the Allied Forces.”

Daily Mercury (Qld), 24th July 1945 page 2.

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4th October 2022

Target Buttons

The Australian Women’s Weekly, 26th January 1935 page 8.

Whilst not what the magazine was referring to, here are my Target buttons!

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3rd October 2022

Buttons for Spring

It is Spring time in Melbourne, so let’s see what’s in fashion …

The Advertiser (Adelaide), 21st August 1934 page 8.

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 9th July 1936 page 21.

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 12th August 1936 page 25.

Dating from c.1951, the Beutron cardigan buttons are the same design as the Embassy buttons dating from the early 1960s, excepting for the “special safety backing discs”.

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1st October 2022

Pearly Mania

West Gippsland Gazette (Warragul, Vic), 25th July 1911 page 3.

Early 1960s.

Leda started out as a General Plastics brand in 1957, but was absorbed into Beutron Australia in the mid 1960s. The brand lasted until the late 1960s.

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30th September 2022

A Button Bulletin

The Australian Worker (Sydney), 24th February 1937 page 5.

Beutron Quilter’s Button










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29th September 2022

Buttons in the News.

The Brisbane Courier, 7th June 1928 page 19.

Above: In 1928 the Chancellor of the Exchequer (Mr Winston Churchill) delivered a budget statement. Amongst other changes to custom duties was one for a 33¹⁄3 percent duty on “buttons used for fastening or decoration” (are there other types?).

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 19th September 1931 page 10.

Above: In 1929 Burns Philp (a once major shipping and merchant company), with encouragement from the federal government, started the ‘Australian Pearlbutton Manufacturing Co. Ltd.’ to make MOP buttons. There had long been over-enthusiastic hopes for such an industry in Australia (see http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/australian-button-history/pearl-shell-button-industry/). Employing only 24 people at its start in May 1931, it was hoped to employ up to 250. Despite high tariffs to protect this infant industry, by 1938 the company was making significant losses and in liquidation. The tariff, as seen above, had not been popular with local garment manufacturers.


The Labor Daily (Sydney), 14th March 1936 page 10.

In September 1931 the Japanese invaded the Chinese Province of Manchuria, with ongoing hostilities until the end of WW2. I can’t vouch for the story. Did the Chinese really use that quantity of European style buttons (as opposed to ‘frogs’) in 1936?

Late 1950s.

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28th September 2022

More Button Wisdom

The Queenslander (Brisbane), 7th April 1923 page 7.

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 25th January 1939 page 2.

Avon Argus and Cunderin-Meckering-Tammin Mail (WA), 10th September 1953 page 2.

Seven pennies for a buckle …

Early 1950s

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27th September 2022

Button Wisdom

The Brisbane Courier, 28th February 1924 page 15. 

Woman’s Mirror magazine, 1st May 1945 page 12.


Beutron buttons from 1966-67.

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26th September 2022

Woolworths Sew’n’Save

After branding their cards of buttons ‘Moonglow’ for over a decade, Woolworths changed to the “Sew’n’Save” branding from about 1967-1975 before changing to the “Big W” logo.

Wow! A crocheted nylon gown! Who said the 70s was the decade style forgot?

The Canberra Times (10th August 1972 page 17.

Sew’n’save card with the styles of cards that followed.

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