9th March 2021

Educational Uniform Buttons

Elder Conservatorium Of Music

S.S. & Co. Ltd. Adelaide. c.1950-1969.  For more on S.Shlank & Co see  http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/australian-button-history/sample-page/#SSchlank_Co_Ltd_Adelaide


Adelaide Observer, 19th March 1898 page 42. The proposed new University of Adelaide building.

In 1898 the privately run Adelaide College of Music merged with the University of Adelaide’s  School of Music to form the Elder Conservatorium of Music. I wonder if the uniform button was for staff, or for students?

State Library SA image #B71030 c.1905.


Gundagai High School

No backmark. Features the Dog on the Tucker Box.









There was reference to a Gundagai High School existing in 1943, but perhaps this was a mistake as the town was campaigning for one in 1948. This was in existence some time before 1955. In 1961 a “new” Gundagai High School was opened.

Gundagai is located on the Murrumbidgee River 390km south west of Sydney. The original poem featuring a reference to a bullocky’s dog sitting on the tucker box, and so spoiling the food, may date to either 1857 or 1880. A later poem by Jack Moses was published around 1918, and was the inspiration for the statue of the dog, which in turn was inspiration for a popular song in 1937 by Jack O’Hagan.

National Archives image #11847204. 1949


St George’s College

Backmark: ‘Sheridan 2 Hay St. Silver.’

 St George’s is the Church of England’s residential college of the University of Western Australia. It was opened in 1931.

State Library of WA image #095696PD. 1930; the building is still under construction.

 Again I wonder whether this is from a students’ or staff uniform?

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