9th February 2021

Newington College

Two have no backmarks, one has ‘D. Jones & Co.”, and the last ‘Hammond, Turner & Sons”. QV crown dates up to 1901. This college posts the longest continuous cadet corps in Australia.

Both have the backmarks of ‘David Jones & Co.”

Established in 1863 in Silverwater, Sydney, as a boys Wesleyan college, it is now a Uniting Church school at Stanmore, Sydney. In 1869 its Cadet Corps was incorporated, and is still in existence. It also functioned as a theological college for the Methodist Church until 1914.

South Australian Weekly Chronicle (Adelaide), 17th January 1863 page 2. The college took its name from the old Blaxland home known as Newington House that was the school’s first residence. See below.

‘Building : the magazine for the architect, builder, property owner and merchant.’ 12th April 1919 page 67.

The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser, 23rd December 1899 page 1567.

State Library NSW IE1652060 . Newington College, Stanmore. ?date.

The ‘Founders Building’  was built between 1874-1880 at Stanmore, to allow for the college’s growth, and formerly opened in January 1881. The next big building project was in 1938 when Wyvern House was opened. Except during the depression, the college has continued to grow, necessitating a second preparatory school in 1957.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 9th November 19322 page 16.