8th March 2021

City Of Prahran

Stokes & Sons Melbourne. 1950-62

The city of Prahran was declared in 1879. At first they did not adopt uniforms, seeing them to be a waste of money. From 1888 the caretaker at the town hall was supplied with one:

The Telegraph, St Kilda, Prahran and South Yarra Guardian, 1st September 1888 page 6.

Malvern Standard, 25th September 1909 page 2.

From 1900 outside officers and employees were to wear uniforms.

The Prahran Telegraph, 24th November 1900 page 5.

There was ongoing problems with Inspector Rider, who would not always wear his whilst on duty! Complaints were made! In 1908 it was reported that the nature and colour of uniforms for street sweepers had not been decided upon.

I wish I could claim the button belongs to Mr Lacy, Mr Bell or stubborn Inspector Rider, but the button is of the type made post-1950 with two holes in the back plate. Could it be one of these volunteers?

The Argus (Melbourne), 13th October 1953 page 20.