8th July 2022

New South Wales Volunteer Rifles 1860-1870

Firmins London

I finally have my own example! See http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/29th-may-2022/ for the story of this button.


Victorian Artillery

No backmark.

I purchased this in a lot of “Pre-federation Victorian Artillery Buttons”. If that is correct, it could have been used by the Victorian Artillery Staff, that is permanent full-time soldiers, not volunteers. The same style was used in NSW between 1870-1880, according to Cossum. The dating was probably the same in Victoria.

For a picture of the Victorian Permanent Artillery Memorial, see https://www.monumentaustralia.org.au/australian_monument/display/33232


The design of 3 stacked field cannons was an old one, dating before Queen Victoria’s time. The Arms of the Board of Ordnance, dating from the 17th century, showed 3 cannonballs over 3 cannons. The design was also used by Artillery in the late 18th to mid 19th century when the style showing a single cannon/field gun was adopted. (In the UK the Regiment of Artillery was under control of the Board of Ordnance until 1855 when the Board was abolished for approx 25 years.) In the UK the above button was used by the Royal Artillery from 1855-1873. It appears to have been used in Australia a little later (perhaps using up buttons of the old design?).

The above is one of the later designs. Samuel Brothers, London, are Bespoke tailors established in 1830 and tailors to Queen Elizabeth. https://www.samuelbrothers.co.uk/our-heritage/

From a catalogue, 1885 in the Colenda Library Collection.

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