7th October 2020

Dating of Beutron buttons post currency change.

Note: Before 14th February 1966 Imperial currency was used in Australia. From that date until October 1967 dual pricing appeared on items, then afterwards decimal pricing only.

In the mid 1960s Beutron had a dramatic change in its marketing. Things changed from this …


… to this


… to this!


 Around 1963 until the late 1960s they completely changed the style of their cards, from this  (with imperial, dual and decimal only prices) …

… to this with decimal prices.

July 1970, it changed again. Note the name Beutron is now in block rather than cursive script.

Even from 1968-1970 (with the cursive script) there were slight variations.

Dating earlier to later from left to right. The middle card has a code added: 10071D. The right card has the code plus the words “RECOMMENDED PRICE”.

Some backs are blank, possibly the earliest. The prices are 12-50 cents per card. Then advertising for the button covering kits and zippers appear. Beutron advertised its polyester “spiral zippers” in print from 1966-1969 and its button covering kits from 1968 until 1970 (see the adverts above). The prices on these cards are 25-45 cents.

The front of all these cards is the type without the code or ‘recommended price’.

On the cards with the code are 3 versions of advertising:

These are all cards printed with 10071D.

Post July 1970 there are no blank backs, the advertising appears unchanged except for the way the name Beutron is printed. Prices are now 25 -70 cents.

Dating gets difficult after this. At some stage,  starting probably mid 1970s, the cards changed again, and again. Using the prices as a guide, I have arranged the cards from ?mid 1970s through to around 2001.

The card second from the left is like that used to carry licensed Beatrix Potter buttons in 1977.   The two cards on the right have barcodes printed on the back and so may date from the late 1980s or early 1990s.The  type of card on the right is marked  either “Packed in Australia by Beutron Australia Limited” or “Packed in Australia by J. Leutenegger Pty Ltd “, so dates around 2001.

If anyone has more knowledge of the dating of the more recent Beutron cards, please share your knowledge with us!

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