7th January 2021

Coronation Buttons

The Argus (Melbourne), 2nd September 1936 page 14.

Many button collectors are aware of the crown buttons that were produced in anticipation of The 1937 coronation of George VI, and then later for Elizabeth II. They were also sold for Royal visits.

A Coronation button for sale at Farmer’s in 1937.

The Sun (Sydney), 7th February 1937 page 2. A set of crown buttons.

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 2nd April 1937 page 20.

The West Australian (Perth), 18th May 1937 page 3.

In 1936 Schiaparelli was using crown shaped buttons on her suits and coats. The colours ‘coronation red’ and ‘coronation blue’ were in vogue. Hats were trimmed with little crowns. Coronation emblems were printed on fabrics and frocks, even furniture …

Newcastle Morning Herald and Miners’ Advocate (NSW), 22nd March 1937 page 3.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 2nd December 1948 page 8.

Even men were not immune to coronation fashion. The picture below is of Mr and Mrs Stiles Brumhaugh who travelled all the way from Cleveland, Ohio to Sydney to see the Queen because “she’s the loveliest thing on earth”. Mr B. had gold, crown-centred buttons on his sports coat.

The Argus (Melbourne), 5th February 1954 page 16.

Elizabeth II Coronation button made by Cash’s.