5th May 2022

New Finds

These style of cards probably pre-date (1948-9) the “All Purpose” style of cards (1949-1959) although there may have been an overlap.

Joy-To-Boyl buttons, (or Joy-Tu-Boil on some cards) were only advertised from 1947-8, and only in Lismore, NSW and Mackay, Qld.  I wonder if these buttons were the product of Norco, a dairy co-operative in Northern NSW and south-east Queensland? Norco displayed casein products at agricultural shows from around 1938-1947, with one article claiming that buttons, buckles, dolls heads and other products were made at the Norco Casein factory. This may be in error, perhaps  only the casein was made at the factory, to be in turn made into other items. Such a mystery.

The Tiny Tots buttons were only advertised in 1954, although the design of buttons (rabbit, fish, duck and elephant) were mounted on other styles of Beauclaire cards for a longer period. These cards are not common. Perhaps they were indeed only sold in one year, or perhaps the buttons all ended up on lovingly home-made dresses and knits.

Beutron only advertised buttons specifically for babies and children in 1957.

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