5th December 2020

Adelaide Airways

This company was registered in 1935 by the Adelaide Steamship Company, with the first flight occurring on 29th October that year. It operated services between Adelaide, Port Lincoln, Kangaroo Island and Melbourne. In February 1936 they bought the small firm of South Australian Airways Limited (incorporated in 1933), then in May merged with Holyman Airways  to form Australian National Airways (A.N.A.). However, they  continued to operate under their own name until November, by which time they had bought West Australian Airways Limited.

National Library of Australia #4926567. Three Adelaide Airways pilots on 29 April 1936.

This close up shows the company logo on the cloth badge. The buttons appear to be plain white metal. I have a similar button backmarked ‘Wiseman Bros Melbourne’. (I am not claiming this is the same button).

Wiseman Bros were warehousemen in Melbourne, and imported goods for local tailors. See  http://www.austbuttonhistory.com/branded-buttons/branded-buttons-tailors-buttons-s-z/#W

Western Mail (Perth), 19th November 1936 page 1.

Library SA #7278. 1935: Two of the company’s planes. On the left, a Short Scion, on the right a Monospar.

See  http://www.aviationcollection.org/Adelaide%20Airways%20Ltd/adelaideairways.htm

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