29th October 2022

General Plastics : New Finds

In 1941 O. C. Rheubens was reborn as General Plastics Limited. By  late 1950 they started using the brandname ‘Beauclaire’. In 1957 the brand name ‘Leda’ was registered,and they started phasing the name Beauclaire out. Although General Plastics still existed in 1963, it was described as ‘ailing’ and in the process of being ‘integrated’ into Beutron Australia Limited.


Early 1950s. On the back is pasted a picture of Queen Elizabeth abd the Duke of Edinburgh, before the early 1953 tour.


Probably Early 1960s. Note the Beutron “added cotton”. These Leda buttons date from after the “intergration” into Beutron. The card on the right dates 1966-67.

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