28th November 2023

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W. F. Cock, Melbourne

William Frederick Cock (1885-1967), born in Fitzroy, claimed to have been a head-cutter in a London tailoring concern. I do not know if that was true.

Lancefield Mercury and West Bourke Agricultural Record (Vic), 7th December 1917 page 2.

Table Talk (Melbourne), 25th February 1915 page 25.

In the advertorial above, he claimed to have set up on the 5th floor of the Australia Building, Elizabeth St, Melbourne in 1908, but this was his location from around 1916 onwards. He was located in Glenhuntly and Collins Street in 1914-5. He was still at the Australia Building in 1930. In common with other tailors , he would visit country locations on a regular basis to take orders.

The Australia (or APA) Building, on the corner of Flinders Lane, Elizabeth Streets, is one of Melbourne’s lost gems. Built in 1889, it was at the time the world’s 3rd tallest building at 150 feet, and the first in the world to use hydraulic elevators. In 1950 it was described as ” … the crusty old Australia Building”. It was demolished in 1980.

National Library ID 58563952. APA Building c.1897

State Library Victoria ID 2565309. ?date.

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