25th March 2022

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1954 Advertising

Daily Advertiser (Wagga Wagga, NSW), 16th september 1954 page 5.

I’m not sure which button was “just right for cotton frocks”; perhaps the button 3rd from the left below.

Detail from 1956 Woman’s Day magazine advertising.

Spotted accessories were also very fashionable in 1935-6 …

The Mail (Adelaide), 7th September 1935 page 20.

The Sun (Sydney), Sunday supplement section 3, 20th September 1936 page 1. On the left ,” spotted buttons from shoulder to hem”. The sisters featured here wearing uncrushable linen suits were so nice, I’ve included more pictures of them.



Frosty linen in pastel blue. “Buttons and buckle are of navy bone, encircled with twisted white bone string.”

“Two sets of unusual buttons. On the right they are made to look like peapods just opened. On the left buttons and buckle are of black lacquered string fashioned in coils.”

“The culotte is the nicest fashion development of the modern times … On the left … navy marbles buttons extend from the Peter Pan collar to the waist.”