24th March 2023

New Finds

G. J. Coles & Coy Ltd/Embassy brand

Coles sold buttons on their own brand cards from the mid-late 1950s until 1992. Cards with rounded corners were used until G.Herring (Beutron) took over from General Plastics (Beauclaire) in supplying Coles sometime around 1960.

Post 1971 cards (new logo).

The Australian Women’s Weekly, 23rd November 1966 page 1972. Nylon slips and briefs. Wow! The map of Australia logo as seen on the earlier button cards hovers above her arm.



Woolworths also sold branded buttons from the mid 1950s through until the 1980s, although non-branded buttons had been sold since the 1920s.

Mid 1950s.

Feb 1966-Oct 1967.


The Australian Woen’s Weekly, 14th August 1957 page 14.

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