24th January 2022

Colony of Western Australia, Volunteers.

Fremantle Volunteer Rifles: 1861-1870 

 Badge. From diggerhistory.

In 1861 Fremantle formed one of the earliest corps in West Australia.  Due to problems caused by the small local population and poor resourcing, they disbanded in 1870.

The Inquirer and Commercial News (Perth), 11th September 1861 page 2.

The Express (Fremantle), 18th March 1870 page 3.

Fremantle Rifle Volunteers 1872-1893

The button as shown on page 28 of Cossum had the initials FRV in gothic script, surmounted by the QV crown and surrounded by a laurel wreath.

The Herald (Fremantle), 5th October 1872 page 2.

Rising international tensions during 1872 lead to a new Fremantle Corps being formed. In November 1893 the Perth, Fremantle and Guilford companies were amalgamated into the 1st Infantry Volunteer Regiment, but reportedly remained separate Corps.

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