23rd January 2021


Australian Army Nursing Service

On the back: “These gallant women suffered the privations and hardships of the front-line troops in World War 1. Their tenderness in caring for the wounded will never be forgotten. Australian Army nurses served in every theatre of war during 1915-1918 and won the admiration, praise and heartfelt thanks of all the troops.” Her waist is too small, typical of 1950-60s depictions of women!

State Library Victoria Image MS9627/PHO1. 1918.

The Service was part of the Australian Army Medical Corps formed in 1903 when the individual state services were combined. A call for more members went out in 1914, and again before WW2. Due to personnel shortages, the retirement age was lifted in 1942.

The Brisbane Courier, 26th November 1903 page 5.

The advertiser (Adelaide), 28th November 1903 page 8.

1907. Note the Rising Sun brooch at the neck.

Air Forces News, 10th September 2015, page 20. A staff nurse in 1941.