22nd October 2021

West Australian Yacht Clubs

Royal Perth Yacht Club

All these buttons are pre 1953 (King’s Crown).

The post 1953 design, with Queen’s Crown and upright anchor.

The Perth Yacht  and Boat club was established in 1876, although the club claims on its website to have existed since 1865. I can find no confirmation of this, however regattas had held since 1841.

The Inquirer and Commercial News (Perth), 7th June 1876 page 3.

The West Australian (Perth), 30th October 1952 page 15.

The original club house was opened in 1889. The following year the Royal prefix was granted by Queen Victoria, and the club  became known as the “Royal Perth Yacht Club”. A new club house was opened in 1953.

The West Australian (Perth), 5th November 1953 page 31.

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

Sheridan Perth. Pre 1953.



Established in 1896 on the banks of the Swan River in Freshwater Bay. It received the Royal prefix in 1935.

Western Mail ()Perth), 15th November 1923 page 24. The Club premises. New premises were opened in 1925.

The West Australian (Perth), 21st December 1925 page 12.

The West Australian (Perth), 11th November 1929 page 18.