22nd January 2022

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Colony of Western Australia, Volunteers.

Rare button from various volunteer corps are featured in Cossum’s book, pages 27-29.

York Rifle Volunteers 1878-1899

Western Mail (Perth), 24th October 1929 page 6.

The button features the QV crown with the name ‘York Rifle Volunteers’ and a 5-point star in a border around the circumference. The uniform’s scarlet tunic had black facings with black initials upon the shoulder stays.

As with other volunteer groups, initial interest in 1861 did not result in a local corps until 1878 (lack of funds,personnel, etc). In 1878 the corps strength was 40 men, but soon dwindled, and was disbanded after only 8 years. it did not help that the men had not received suitable rifles for over 5 years, and had been threatened with disbanding (due to financial difficulties in the colony) in 1879.

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