20th October 2022

Roger Berry Pty Ltd.

Cards marked Roger Berry also sport the ‘Coronet’  logo of the older firm (from 1939) ‘Coronet Button, Buckle and Novelty Co.” They were either the same firm, renamed from 1947, or there had been a takeover. Roger Berry was in liquidation in 1973.

The Sydney Morning Herald, 11th October 1947 page 30.

Some Curiosities

Bonnie Buttons may have been a brand name used by G.Herring pre 1946.

I have not seen this branding before. The buttons are similar to Beutron Opal Glo, and date from the same time as this advert shows.

Nepean Times (Penrith, NSW), 15th September 1949 page 5.

The following advert shows this was a line either made or distributed by Rex C. Norris:

The Age (Melbourne), 8th July 1953 page 21.

I thought these “Souvenirs of Australia” were buttons, but they are clip on earrings!

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