1st August 2020

New Mysteries

Backmark Sheridan Perth. From Cam.

West Australia Poker League? I contacted them, and no.

West Australian Patriotic League?? Maybe …

This league existed from 1914 to ? 1918 to centralise the raising of war funds. Many people felt there were simply too many funds, especially for regions that were not wealthy.

The West Australian, 26th September 1914 page 8.


Are these Queensland Government House buttons?


From Carol. Stokes Melb.

Queensland Coat of Arms.









It has the Queensland Coat of Arms, but with the wrong supporters; i.e. the animals are the kangaroo and emu as on the Australian Coat of Arms, not the red deer and brolga as they should be. I contacted the Brisbane Government House, but it is not theirs. Is it in error?


New Coronet button from Carol; Sphinx and palm tree.