1st April 2021

Golden Fleece Card

From the back of the card; ‘ The Royal Australian regiment originated when the 65th, 66th and 67th Infantry Battalions were formed in 1945 for service with the British Commonwealth Occupational Forces in Japan. The Regiment’s 3rd Battalion served in Korea, earning the distinguished Presidential Citation of the United States of America.’

Queensland Rifles  (Volunteers) Button

See Cossum page 22. 1902-3

This button dates from the short period between King Edward VII adopting the ‘Tudor’ crown and the amalgamation of the colonial forces into a Federal service.

A photo in the State Library of Queensland collection shows the earlier VR type button of the Queensland Volunteers (see Cossum page 23).

Lieut. Dowse, Queensland Volunteer Rifles , 1889. He is wearing an older style VR button.