16th December 2020

Golden Fleece Collectable Cards

In the 1960s Golden Fleece petrol stations issued swap cards and introduced family restaurants to entice drivers to stop and refresh. In 1964 there was a series of 36 cards displaying Australian uniforms. Many of these uniforms have already been featured in posts. The text is quoted from that on the cards back.

“The R.A.A.M.C., a non-combatant unit, served with distinction in the Boer War, 1st and 2nd World Wars. Their job was mainly to recover wounded from the battlefield, give them first-aid and transport them to the field hospitals. The soldier illustrated here is from the old militia battalion, the 17th Field Ambulance.”

The Royal Australian Navy was founded in 1911 with two destroyers, the H.M.A.S. “Parramatta” and “Yarra”, and five smaller ships. By 1918 it had 21 naval vessels in service and a brilliant record, including the sinking of the German cruiser “Emden”. At the end of World War II the R.A.N. has 317 ships in commission.”

One of a number of women’s auxiliaries, the Voluntary Aid Detachment dates back to the days of World War I, and the uniform featured was worn during World War II. These women assisted the Australian Army Nursing Service, acting as nursing orderlies and assisting in a general way at military hospitals.”

“Formerly the Australian Flying Corps, the title was changed to the Royal Australian Air Force in 1921, and until 1939 was only a small force. By 1945, however, it was one of the world’s largest air forces, its airmen winning 2,286 decorations and serving in every theatre of war. Illustrated is a pilot of the R.A.A.F.”