14th November 2022

For an interesting history of the uniforms of the Queensland Police Force, see https://mypolice.qld.gov.au/museum/


New Finds: Beauclaire

Partial Large card that would have originally carried 2 dozen buttons. They were available for sale at 1/6 (1 shilling 6 pence) per dozen, as hand written all over the card.  This meant the price was still visible even if the card was cut into pieces for sale.Circa 1950.










Superglow buttons were advertised by General Plastics from 1955-57. Along with Moonglow and Opal-glo, it appears that “glow” was an important advertising buzz word in this era.

This button was made in multiple sizes and variations, including metalised, pearlised, mounted and the ‘lattice’ without the overlaying ‘petals’.




The ‘odd’ one out (bottom row 2nd from right) actually has a yellow lattice base covered by a translucent layer.

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