13th October 2020

Amusing Buttons

Amusing definition: comical, droll, entertaining, diverting.

Excuse my reuse of these illustrations, but they fit in nicely with my latest themed series.

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 26th April 1935 page 15.

Sydney Mail, 27th Nov 1935 page 20.

News (Adelaide), 6th October 1937 page 9.

The Courier-Mail (Brisbane), 21st August 1937 page 20. Regarding Schiaparelli dresses.

The Mercury (Hobart), 9th October 1939 page 5.

Other buttons mentioned in passing included some shaped like lanterns, some like envelops sealed with a ‘gay patch of red sealing wax’,  and slices from a cork, drilled with holes to pass ribbon through.

Amusing buttons from Pat’s collection: