13th May 2022

Many button collectors have a smattering of tarnished brass uniform buttons in our collections. Polishing these was ever a chore. Gadgets were invented to make the job somewhat easier.

The Mirror (Sydney), 9th August 1918 page 9.

Pix magazine, 12th July 1941 page 29. The girl is using a polishing guard.

The Daily Telegraph (Sydney), 29th March 1945 page 20.

Command believed that the discipline of maintaining the uniform was a necessary pyschology:

The Shoalhaven Telegraph (NSW), 15th November 1922 page 3.

However, in the Air Force News, 1st February 1999, a reader commented on the issue of uniforms disagreed:

In some circumstances, it  was a totally wasted effort:

The Daily News (Perth), 20th August 1938 page 6.

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